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OCR.Net Text Component is a Microsoft Visual Studio.Net component that can be integrated into your application to generate Text from a bitmap or an image file such as a TIF, GIF, BMP, or JPG file. The OCR Component will interpret and differentiate between Upper Case, Lower Case, Numeric, and Special Characters. Our components were designed with the idea that OCR doesnt have to be complicated for the developer. Processes multiple languages: English, Spanish, Italian, German, French, and Swedish.

Figure 1 - Runtime Example. The OCR Text Component allows you to enter a File-Name or a Bitmap. It also includes PictureBox functionality that allows you to lasso an area of a bitmap to process. The example .Net project shown above is provided as part of the OCR Tools Demo software and is available for you to Download Now.  Sample source code is provided in both VB.Net and C#.Net.

Figure 2 - Source Code Example. The OCR Text Component is easy to integrate into your new or existing applications. All that is required is to drag the OCR Component from your Toolbox onto your Form, enter your Bitmap and Process. The results are returned in a string of Text. Its as easy as that, in a matter of a few minutes your application is OCR aware and fully-capable of providing all your OCR solutions without the hassle of runtime licenses or royalty fees!

Figure 3 - Source Code Example with a FileName.  The OCR Text Component also accepts a File Name as input. Instead of providing a bitmap, you can provide a file to process, such as TIF, JPG, GIF, BMP, etc...

Figure 4 - Source Code Example using PictureBox.  The OCR Text Component extends the functionality of the standard .Net PictureBox. You can lasso an area of the PictureBox with your mouse and input the selected bitmap with our PictureBox.Copy() function.

Figure 5 - Property Box.  The OCR Text Component's Property Box provides the basic properties you need to customize your OCR process. You can select any combination of Upper, Lower, Numeric, or Special Characters to process. Properties can be set in the Property Box at design time, or programmatically at runtime. Checkout the  User Guide  and Programmers Reference Manual to see the full set of properties and functions available to you.

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Version 7.0

OCRTools announces a new major release of the OCR.Net Component SDK in the Microsoft.Net Framework

Full Evaluation Demos

Download our Demos and Source Codes Samples that output Text results  for your evaluation

Formatted Results

Returns Formatted Text or Simple Text

Image PreProcessing

Image Filters include Brightness, Contrast, Sharpen, Soften, Invert, Deskew, Despeckle, Resize

Train Fonts

Train your own OCR Recognition Engine with Fonts of your choosing. Or re-train existing Engine to focus on specific Fonts. Or add your own Set of Fonts

Multiple Languages

Processes Multiple Languages: English, Spanish, Italian, German, French, and Swedish


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